Meat package prices are subject to change based on market conditions.  If you’d like, you may substitute items within a meat package and replace it with something of your choice.  The price will be adjusted at the time of purchase.

King of Meats Package

Approximately 29 lbs. of meat


4 lbs.        New York Strip Steaks
4 lbs.        Porterhouse/T-Bone Steaks
4 lbs.        Ribeye Steaks
3-4 lbs.    Beef Tenderloin
8 lbs.        Sirloin Steaks
5 lbs.        Ground Sirloin Patties

Pig Out Package

Approximately 40 lbs. of meat


3-4 lbs.       Baby Back Ribs
7-8 lbs.       Boneless Pork Roast
9 lbs.           Pork Chops
6 lbs.           Sausage and/or Bratwursts
1.5-2 lbs.    Whole Pork Tenderloin
2 lbs.           Country Bacon
8 lbs.           Country Style Ribs
1 lb.             Pork Sausage Links

Beef Round Up Package

Approximately 35 lbs. of meat


3-4 lbs.    Chuck Roast
5 lbs.        Chuck Patties
4 lbs.        Ribeye Steaks
3-4 lbs.    Rump Roast
2.5 lbs.     Cube Steaks
4 lbs.        New York Strip Steaks
3-4 lbs.    Sirloin Tip Roast
3.5 lbs.    Sirloin Tip Steaks
4 lbs.       Beef Stew Meat

Economy Package

Approximately 35 lbs. of meat


4.5 lbs.         Pork Chops
3 lbs.            Boneless Country Style Ribs
3-4 lbs.        Chuck Roast
1.5-2 lbs.     Chuck Eye Roast or Steak
6 lbs.            Sausage and/or Bratwurst
5 lbs.            Chicken Leg Quarters
5 lbs.            Hot Dogs
5 lbs.            Chuck Patties