Seasoned Steak Pub Burgers

Made fresh at Butcher on the Block and then frozen.  Mixed with a Robust Ribeye Marinade and then Seasoned with Ultimate Steak Seasoning and Onion.  
Each Seasoned Steak Pub Burgers weighs 1/2 lb and comes in packs of 4.
$12 for 4 burgers.  That is $3.00 per Seasoned Steak Pub Burger!  Regular Price is $5.50 each.

That’s $2.50 off PER burger for a Total Savings of $10 per package!

Must pick up today 7/12 or tomorrow 7/13. 
If you choose Quantity 1: You will get 4 burgers for $12  
If you choose Quantity 2: You will get 8 burgers for $24